DROPP offers sustainable, Baltic Sea friendly spring water to consumers in Finland. We donate 100% of our profits to support the rehabilitation of the Baltic Sea, because we believe that making a difference should be made easy for everyone.

Our aim is to restore the health of the Baltic Sea – a unique marine ecosystem, which’ mix of salt and freshwater is home to a rich variety of species adapted to its unique conditions. At the moment, the Baltic Sea is under a lot of pressure. The environmental balance has been disturbed by over-fishing, irresponsible shipping practices and the pressures arising from agriculture and industry. An excess of nutrients has caused increased growth of algae and plants, resulting in oxygen depletion, which in turn is leading to a loss of species.

DROPP seeks to do its bit to save the Baltic Sea and mobilise both individuals and corporations to get involved in this work as a part of their everyday lives and routine operations. By choosing DROPP, each person and company can be a part of the effort to protect the Baltic Sea.

In order to guarantee results and real progress toward a healthier Baltic Sea, DROPP works together with Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG), a renowned foundation, which mission is to revive the ecological state of the entire Baltic Sea. BSAG works together with political leaders, the corporate sector and NGOs across the Baltic Sea, encouraging cross-country and cross-sector cooperation. You can read more about the important work of the Baltic Sea Action Group here.

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